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Root Canals

A root canal can save your tooth from extraction, preserve your bite, and prevent infection from spreading in your body. In addition, by keeping a natural tooth intact, you won't have to invest time and money on replacement teeth. Modern anesthesia, dental tools, and procedural techniques make root canal therapy a comfortable, conservative, and rewarding service.

Why would you need a root canal? If your tooth's nerve becomes irreparably damaged, the tooth will die and create a risk for infection. The pain associated with a root canal actually comes from pressure and infection deep within a tooth's canals.

What does a root canal involve? Dr. Ginn will remove the damaged pulp from within your tooth's canal, then replace it with manmade material. The tooth will no longer have blood supply, so it will not be alive. However, it will be strong and functional.

Call our dental office in Washington Court House today to schedule your root canal consultation. Dr. Ginn cares for patients from Jeffersonville, New Holland, Sabina, and Greenfield with comprehensive cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry.

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